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Our Main Message

The Glouster Church of Christ offers a New Testament Worship and Learning environment as its primary ministry.  Jesus Christ, because He has been given all authority in heaven and on earth,  instructs all believers to - go and make disciples - followers of Jesus Christ, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teach them to observe everything that Christ has instructed and commanded with the promise that He, Jesus Christ will be with us always unto the end of the age, when time and life as we know it will be no more.

To that end, the Glouster Church of Christ, in following with the development of the early New Testament Church, presents Christian Education opportunities, fellowship activities, Worship opportunities and teaching the importance of a prayer life, that is speaking with and listening to God.  This is the focus of obedience that Jesus Christ clearly states – Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

The Glouster Church of Christ not only is involved in the lives of believers but also in the lives of those searching for meaning to life that can be found only through Jesus Christ.  Through the Church’s involvement in community life, we strive to meet a very important requirement of Jesus Christ.  The requirement is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

The Glouster Church of Christ supports several community programs.  Some of these are: utilizing our facility for community activities, leading in a community Vacation Bible School, supporting various aspects of the community athletic programs, supporting Bridge Builders, Walk for ALS, as well as hosting area women’s and men’s events and helping local families.

The Glouster Church of Christ is not only a body inside four walls of a building.  Christ’s instruction was to be Christ’s witnesses in our local community, in the extended community even to the farthest points of the world.  This is accomplished by the Church being a living testimony as demonstrated by the Glouster Church of Christ’s commitment to the task.  Over the past 12 years, the Church has contributed in excess of $200,000.00 to the cause of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

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